What is a Resolver?

A Resolver acts as an intermediary that allows various product information to be accessed upon scanning a 2D Barcode. With 2D Barcodes, you encounter two scenarios:

1. Without a Resolver: Without a Resolver, a 2D Barcode directly points to a specific webpage through its URL, confining users to just one source of information.

2. With a Resolver: Incorporating a Resolver service transforms the 2D Barcode into a portal for multiple sources of information. It offers seamless navigation across different scans of the same barcode, providing a range of data such as recipe ideas, product details, store locations, and content in multiple languages.

Let's explore some real-world scenarios:

• Teresa, a sustainability-minded fashion brand owner, aims to inform her customers about the origins and environmental impact of her clothing.

• Mark, struggling with prescription instructions, finds the 2D Barcode invaluable for providing the guidance he needs.

• Isabel, in Argentina, obtains Spanish language instructions for her UK manufactured watch through a simple scan.

• Lana, a retail employee, quickly accesses pricing information by scanning products at checkout.

With a quick scan, individuals can get the information they need. Consumers can effortlessly scan a 2D Barcode containing a Digital Link, directly accessing comprehensive product details from the manufacturer.

Link Types, set up through a Resolver Platform, allow for multiple scans of the same 2D Barcode to redirect to various destinations, enhancing the user experience and enabling effortless access to information.

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